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2019 Preliminary Population Estimates Released For Local Units of Government

Census Bureau: St. Croix Adds 5,300 Residents Since 2010 Population Increases 6.28 Percent; Latest Estimate is 89,645

In mid-August, the Division of Intergovernmental Relations (Demographic Service Center) within the Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA), released preliminary population estimates for the state’s local units of government, as of January 1, 2019.

St. Croix County’s population is estimated at 89,645 compared to the 2010 Census estimate of 84,345 (+6.28 percent increase and +5,300 people by numeric increase).

The Top 5 gainers by percentage increase are Dane County (+10.06 percent), Calumet (+8.26 percent), St. Croix (+6.28%) Outagamie (+5.88 percent), and Brown (+5.82 percent).

By numeric increase the Top 5 gainers are Dane County (+49,083), Waukesha (+14,974), Brown (+14,445), Outagamie (+10,397), and Washington (+5,740). St. Croix was sixth with +5,300 new residents since the 2010 Census.

Adjacent Polk County added an estimated +331 new residents since the 2010 Census (+0.47 percent increase) for a preliminary January 1, 2019 population estimate of 44,536. Pierce County added +1,189 residents since 2010 (+2.90 percent) for a new population estimate of 42,208. Dunn County’s new population estimate is 44,621 (+764 new residents; +1.74 percent).

Wisconsin added +154,264 people since the 2010 Census for a new population of 5,841,250 (+2.71 percent gain).