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Digital Transformation Event Recording

The Digital Transformation and the Future of Technology for Business
Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution!
Are you ready for what awaits us?

On Tuesday, March 23rd, a thought provoking conversation on the digital transformation and future of technology for business and industry was given by Ron Anderson, Assistant Professor of Management, UW-River Falls College of Business and Economics, Department of Management and Marketing. The event was recorded and can be viewed until April 13. You can view the recording here.

Synopsis: Imagine a world in which physical products are digitally downloaded and manufactured on-demand in the customer’s home, computers divine “creative” solutions to problems that befuddle the minds of their programmers, and digital worlds allow for design and testing of ideas without expenditure of material prototypes. This world is much closer than many of us imagine.

Societies are undergoing explosive transformation as new technologies redefine possibilities in all facets of life. As business leaders chart their courses in the coming decades, they will face both promise and challenge in advents like blockchain, augmented reality, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence. These technologies, among others, comprise what is being hailed as the next industrial revolution. What are these technologies and how might they impact the future of business? Let us consider some possibilities!