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EDC Hosts Critical Conversation:
Workforce Development Begins at Birth

Please join the Family Resource Center St. Croix Valley, Family Friendly Workplaces, and St. Croix EDC on Thursday, April 15th starting at 11:00 a.m. for a critical conversation on Workforce Development Beginning at Birth.

Well-regarded, expert panelists will each share short (3 to 5 minute) presentations on how Early Childhood Development is the best economic development investment a community or region can make.

Presenters include an Associate Professor of Pediatrics, a Co-Founder and Chairman of a top St. Croix County-based manufacturing company, an Economist with the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank, a local school district Special Education Director, a Parent Educator, a Wisconsin Early Childhood Association Engagement Director, and more.

The Challenge: St. Croix Valley employers are facing tremendous challenges in recruiting and retaining a qualified workforce.

The Problem Is Not Going Away: Wisconsin’s 2018 birthrates are the lowest since 1978. We now have the loss of young people and families, and as a result, a shortage of qualified employees.

Why Early Childhood?: According to research conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, every dollar invested in early childhood development brings a $16 return to society.

Join us in making a difference in the future of your business and our communities.

From this zoom webinar, employers and human resource leaders will learn that well-focused investments in early childhood programs having lasting positive returns, building a strong workforce, strengthening children, families, and communities.

Register at to receive your Zoom link.