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A Conversation with Dale Knapp of Forward Analytics

Dale Knapp
Director, Forward Analytics

An interactive conversation with Demographer Dale Knapp of Forward Analytics, Focusing on Demographic Trends Impacting Businesses in Western Wisconsin was held on Wednesday October 7, 2020. You can view and/or download the recording here until November 7, 2020, the slides from the presentation here, and the information he referred to here.

Dale publishes research and analysis on a variety of economic and public policy issues facing the State of Wisconsin. He has written extensively on Wisconsin school finance, the state economy and demographics, and state fiscal health. Prior to joining the Wisconsin Counties Association and Forward Analytics, Dale spent almost 18 years with the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance.

Forward Analytics is a Wisconsin-based research organization that provides state and local policymakers with nonpartisan analysis of issues affecting the state. The mission of Forward Analytics is to use the best data available to highlight challenges facing the state, and to assist policymakers in understanding that data so they can make informed policy decisions.

Forward Analytics was created in 2018 and is a division of the Wisconsin Counties Association.

Recent research publications from Forward Analytics include The Rural Challenge, Depopulation and its Economic Consequences; and Economic Activity in a Pandemic: Wisconsin Taxable Sales in March and April.