Get what I’m saying? 💯%!


Over a cup of coffee, or in a taproom, classroom, convenience store or staff meeting, the term “100%” dominates many conversations.

For example, a sports broadcaster observes, “A-Rodg gave his all on that play” and receives a reply of, “100 percent” from his/her colleague. Sidebar: For those St. Croix Valley residents living in an all-weather yurt in the deep, deep woods, A-Rodg is #12 or Aaron Rodgers, of Green Bay Packers fame.

100% is all around us, expressed in different ways when written and read, especially in texts or social media:



-Hundo P

-Keep it one hundred


-100 proof (warning: must be 21 to legally consume)

-Keep it 100

Expressed another way, 100% can mean absolute, perfect, or atop the apex. Now there’s a lofty goal.

100% has earned its own emoji and it appears as 💯. It’s officially called Hundred Points and has its origins from the teaching profession’s use of 100 at the top of an assignment or test, meaning it’s the highest score achievable. As one young chap wrote, “You gotta work hard for what you want in life 💯💯💯.” This could be a rare sighting of a budding capitalist. 💯💯💯. The St. Croix Valley and world could use a few more capitalists and entrepreneurs.

Lessons abound. What do employers expect from full- and part-time associates? How about 100, Hundy, or Hundo P? It’s the same for teachers, coaches, doctors and accountants – Keep it 100.

What to flip the script? Without being told of expectations, try giving it the old 90/10 and watch the reaction(s). If there’s room for improvement, reset and dig a little deeper. 100% is there so keep pushing on, and if you do? Well, it’s a deep sense of accomplishment followed by 💯💯💯.

With any luck, “100%” will take its rightful place alongside other worn-out phrases like I hear ya, I feel ya, and ’xactly.

Remember this. The St. Croix Valley is full of high achievers. Many are part of the 100% charter club. Here’s to the Hundo Ps in St. Croix Valley. Keep it real, St. Croix Valley 💯💯💯.