Messages in Chalk


April 20, 2020  Walking may be the rediscovered pastime during the COVID pandemic. Some appear tentative at best, as if they’re on a slippery surface. Others cut a brisk pace with expressions of determination. Chances are the new faces seen in subdivisions are unmet neighbors from around the corner and up the street. Along with walkers, COVID messages are popping up on sidewalks, paths, and streets, including:

“April Distance Brings May Existence”

“Life Happens, Coffee Helps”

“Alone Together”

“In This Together”

“Please Help Each Other”

“Happiness is an Inside Job”

“Be Positive, Be Kind”

“Hope Is Not Cancelled”

A Kid’s Version of the U.S. Flag with the message, “USA!” (Old Glory never looked so good)

A Hopscotch Pattern with the message, “Give it a Try!”

A Smiling Sun with the message, “Shine!”

“Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do”

“In This Together – Six Feet Apart”

“Kindness is Contagious”

“The Internet is for Social Distancing”

“Health Care Workers: You Are A-mazing”

Near a Hospital: “Hail to the Front Line”

“Cover Your Face Like You’re Robbing a Bank”

A Smiling Fried Egg: “Keep Your Sunny Side Up”

Regardless of the pace, new faces, or the messages, here’s to a brighter and healthier tomorrow in the St. Croix Valley and beyond.