Prom: Still Da Bomb


For better or worse, another rite of passage for senior high students is prom. Just like the first robin in mid-March, residents of Wisconsin’s St. Croix Valley will soon witness well-dressed young adults filling up tables and booths at high-end restaurants. For those on a budget, Culver’s, Mikey D’s, and Arby’s are just fine too.

Rising inflation has impacted prom. A few crisp Ben Franklin’s don’t go as far as they used to. Meanwhile, D-A-D or M-O-M is still spelled A-T-M, so just like the freshman who was called-up to the varsity basketball team, both will come through in the clutch. Dads, moms, and the freshman will experience nothing-but-the-net at the most critical moment.

AMARRA is a high-end retailer of formal wear. AMARRA’s website answers their own question, “How much will attending Prom 2023 Cost?” They note anywhere from $150 to $2,000 which is why it’s important to start with a budget as a way to plan where to spend big and where to be thrifty.

According to AMARRA, prom costs should include the following:
-Prom Tickets ($50 to $120) usually determined by the venue and if dinner is catered
-The Proposal ($40 to $330) i.e. the bouquet of roses, miniature pony parade, or other
-Prom Dress ($85 to $700) it’s most likely the most expensive item for prom
-Tux Rental ($60 to $130) dressing to the nines means a modern look, traditional, or trendy
-Shoes ($30 to $150) note that Chuck Taylor canvass shoes are a stellar option
-Jewelry and Accessories ($45 to $200) apparently prom jewelry creates a cohesive look
-Corsage or Boutonniere ($15 to $60) the floral tradition may be a little dated but makes a magical occasion even more special
-Hair, Makeup, Nails and Skincare ($50 to $350) DYI means a big savings, or a professional salon means it adds to the prom costs
-Grand Total: costs are not the same for every young lady or man. On average, a girl attending prom will spend $900 to $1,000 (M-O-M or D-A-D equals ATM)

Meanwhile, $900 or $1,000 is money that could be put toward college, Hello World! Numerous websites suggest shopping for gently-used and vintage dresses at consignment or thrift stores. Better yet, borrow a dress or swap a dress with a friend or relative who may attend a different school or lives a time zone away. With the popularity of YouTube and Tik Tok there are tutorials floating around on hair styling and makeup. Instead of a school-sponsored dinner or pricey restaurant experience, consider gathering with other couples at M-O-M or D-A-D’s home. Dear Old D-A-D still knows his way around the grill.

For an over-the-top expense saver, there’s the reliable duct tape option for apparel. awards scholarships for the best use of their products on gowns or tuxes. First place is a $10,000 cash scholarship for both the dress/gown and tux categories. Eight runner-up prizes of $500 are also awarded.

Remember, prom is da bomb. Prom participants in Wisconsin’s St. Croix Valley are determined to make their evenings memorable. Have fun. Make memories. Come back to M-O-M and D-A-D safe.