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Recording – Thriving in a Multigenerational Organization

If you missed “Thriving in a Multigenerational Organization” webinar on Tuesday March 28, 2023, or just want to watch it again, you can access the recording here. Please enter passcode H0LHNdp@ when prompted. It will be available until late May 2023.

Also, please find a downloadable handout that contains the content presented in during the webinar and a few points worth reinforcing:

  • Don’t compartmentalize—see people as individuals.
  • Don’t assume—talk to people and understand their lenses.
  • Customize and adjust—don’t assume that you know what people want…ask them. Ask your employees, customers, clients, etc.
  • Listen—rather than ask “Why?”, ask: “How so?”, “Tell me more.”, “Help me understand.”

Every person has a unique lens for how he/she/they view the world. You don’t need to agree with their lenses, you don’t need to accept their lenses, but in a workplace environment, you need to respect their lenses and respect the fact their lenses may be different from yours. And lastly, if we can find a way to work together and focus on similarities rather the differences and recognize that we all have something unique to bring to the table, we will maximum the success of our organizations.