Business-Friendly Rankings: Wisconsin Earns a Top 10


Business-Friendly Rankings: Wisconsin Earns a Top 10


In May, Chief Executive Magazine released its annual ranking of Best and Worst States for Business.

Surprise! Wisconsin made the Top 10 with a #10 ranking. That’s one better than the 2016 ranking, but light years better than the 2010 ranking of #41.

In 2015-16, St. Croix EDC’s president Chuck Jerrick made a prediction that Wisconsin had a Top 10 in its future. The latest ranking proves Chuck right.

Wisconsin’s progress in the business-friendly rankings looks something like this:

41st in 2010
24th in 2011 (+17)
20th in 2012 (+4)
17th in 2013 (+3)
14th in 2014 (+3)
12th in 2015 (+2)
11th in 2016 (+1)
10th in 2017 (+1)

Following a big leap of 17 places in 2011, Wisconsin’s progress has been incremental.
Very rarely does a season-ending sports poll turn out as envisioned in the pre-season. This means Wisconsin has to defend its Top 10 ranking, and work harder to improve, even if it’s in small gains.
Here’s to #10 (and improving).
On Wisconsin.