Who Are We?


The question, ‘Who are we?’ should not be confused with the album and song from the late 1970s, ‘Who are you?’

But I really want to know.

Who are we? Who, who, who, who? In particular what makes up St. Croix County? Some of the answers can be found in an electronic QuickFacts system created by the U.S. Census Bureau.

From April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2016, the Census Bureau estimates St. Croix has grown 4.4 percent to a little over 88,000 residents.

At 96.2 percent, county residents are predominately White (Census’ word). Asians comprise 1.1 percent of the population, followed by 0.8 percent Black and 0.4 percent American Indian-Alaska Native.

Veterans in the county total 5,465 people. Thanks for your service.

Residents who are foreign born are estimated at 1.9 percent of the population.

There are 2.73 persons per household and around 35,224 housing units.

About 73 percent of the residents, aged 16-years and older, are in the workforce.

For commuters, the mean travel time to work is 28.4 minutes, excluding the time spent in the drive-through lane of a coffee shop (or a pit stop at a micro-brewery on the drive back home).

While the median household income is estimated at $70,886, the Census Bureau also concludes there are 5.7 percent of St. Croix’s population living in poverty, compared to 12.1 percent in Wisconsin and 13.5 percent in the U.S.

All of this sounds like a melting pot.

QuickFacts can produce tables of information on a specific city, village, or town for those wanting a deeper dive. If you want to learn more about that little hamlet you grew up in two time zones away, just plug the community’s name into the search box and off you go.

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Who, who, who, who.